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No need to worry if you do not have a MacBook

Balance between the functionality of iPad and the productivity MacBook Brydge introduced a keyboard.
BrydgeAir is a premium accessory with aluminum keyboard and it has fringes that can hold the thin iPad and it has shims in the hinges made of rubber to hold the thick iPad Air 2, it protects the screen from getting scratched. The experts said that if Apple had designed a keyboard for iPad it would have been like BrydgeAir. And they come in 3 different colors like gold, silver and space grey.When attached to the iPad it looks lighter than the eleven inch MacBook, you can insert the iPad in the two hinges provided on the keyboard by opening the clamshell, and the iPad will turn on and off each time when the clamshell is inserted or removed. The two hinges can move in 180 degrees so it is easy for the user to view the screen at any angle.

The spacing of the keys on the keyboard is well placed so that it is easy for the users to type, and the backlighting on the board is a tactile and is on the top row on the keyboard. The main feature in the keyboard is that it has exclusive iPad function keys on the top row to access the iPad. The salient feature of the keyboard is that it has an integrated stereo Bluetooth speaker and can be operated with a button on the keyboard. The music quality is much more effective than listening to the internal speaker of the iPad. And a key with the backslash symbol indicates the status of the battery, the color of the key will indicate that the charge is low on the battery, and when it is charged the light turns off. The price of the sliver and space grey model is one hundred and sixty nine dollars and the gold model costs one hundred and eighty nine dollars.

Microsoft clone developed by the Chinese

Microsoft calls Surface Book as the ultimate laptop because of its versatility as it transforms into 3 different configurations with creative workhorse combining 6th generation Intel core i5 or i7 processor with 16GB memory and optional discrete graphic chip, and it is the best Windows with advanced features and innovations in productivity, security and personalization, but costs three thousand dollars.Onda is a Chinese company that developed a Surface Book clone with same functionalities and it is available in different configurations. It is designed in such a way that it can work with the current operating system. And with vivid adaptive display and touch screen technology, it boosts the picture and video quality.

The HDMI technology in the device integrates with other devices so the users can switch between their personal computer and smart TV while doing their work or playing.The oBook ‘s premium model oBook 12 which is 12.2 inch full HD with Intel Atom X7-8700 processor and it has 4GB RAM with 64GB storage. And the higher configuration comes with high definition display, it is powered with Intel Core M3-6Y30 processor and the A plus version offers Atom X5-8300.It has removable keyboard and a USB 3.0 port, the device has a support for the stylus which resembles the feature of Surface Book, and the signature hinges which was seen the Microsoft device is also available in the Onda device. The company did not mention the cost of the device, but many people expect that it will cost lesser than the Microsoft model.

High expectation over the new OnePlus device

OnePlus stepped into the market in 2014 and has backed good name in manufacturing great valued smartphones. It is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer founded in 2013 by Oppo vice president Pete Lau and Carl Pie. It has its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong and the company operates in forty two countries.The success of OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 is still a big surprise in the global market because it had to compete against the giants like Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3. The company’s cofounder Carl Pie announced that the company is going to release a new phone, OnePlus 3. Five photos of the new device were posted on China’s social media Weibo showing the front and back view of the handset.

From the photo the device looks similar to that of HTC One M9, especially the antenna band and the rear camera position and shape. It is said that the device resembles OnePlus 2 features like the fingerprint scanner, but unlike the button it has a biometric scanner which can sense the fingerprint. It also has a speaker on the top part of the device. Rumors about the new device’s configuration said that the device has Android 6.0 Marshmallow and their own OxygenOS software, with a Snapdragon 820 mobile processor with a metallic design. It has 4GB RAM with 32GB storage with 5.5 inch full HD display screen, with eight mega pixel front camera and sixteen mega pixel rear camera. But these updates are not confirmed by the officials of OnePlus, but the new product will be launched in June 2016.

Huawei brings out its clone of Samsung gear VR

Huawei launched its virtual reality headset along with the P9 and P9 plus launch at shanghai. This comes after Samsung launched its own gear VR at the cost of $99. The device provides a 360 degree view of videos and games.
Samsung has developed more than 250 games and apps dedicated to use with the Gear VR. Discovery is making the deadly catch show especially for gear view. Huawei VR works similar to Samsung’s gear. Open the front cover of the VR, mount the phone and strap it with VR app running.Huawei has 95 degree view and Samsung has 96 degree view and HTC VR comes with 110 degree view field. There are several companies trying to make this product but Huawei is the only one to launch after Samsung.

Huawei has also announced that it will provide 4000 movies and more than 40 games for free. The headset is compatible with two P9 and mate 8 phones. So there are 3 variations getting released to match each of the phones. Since the resolution of the phones is 1080 p the quality of the video is sure not to excite us, on comparison S7 has a resolution of 1440X2560 pixels which will give a better quality videos. Huawei has not announced price of the product but to compete with Samsung the price has to be close to $99 as they already have early-bird advantage in the market.

Cloning of the Humans is the next target

Boyalife’s Chief executive Xu XiaoChun said that the Chinese scientists are planning to clone the humans. But he said that due to social values and constrains they are in the process of cloning the animals.
The chief executive said that the possibility to clone human has three choices, either half of either the parents, or hundred percent clone of the mother, or hundred percent clone of the father. Xu has worked with a pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which is the giant in drug development in the United States.Along with its South Korean partner Sooam and Chinese Academy of Science, Boyalife is planning to clone the best breed in a racehorse, police dogs that are specialized in sniffing and searching. The company has a factory in Tianjin in which they have gene banks that stores around five million cell samples frozen in liquid nitrogen.

As an initial project, Xu plans to clone good quality beef, breeding genetically identical cattle that will have the taste of Kobe. He said that by the process of cloning, they may be able to supply the increasing demand. US Food and Drug Administration is in the process of research to identify whether cloned food product is safe or not, while the European government has backed the ban on the cloned food products.GMO safety specialist at the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science, Han Lanzhi said that the time limit for the cloning process and the safety issues were impossible and she also said that gaining approval for the cloned food products may take more time. She also said that the authorities should put sturdy regulations on the scientist because the company may try anything in the future which might affect the society.

Google clones Amazon echo in a bid to enter home based products

Amazon echo, the wireless speaker is being cloned by Google. The company has a good source for voice technology because of its development in Android.However when the product will be released is not sure. Amazon echo is Wi-Fi speaker which responds to any one of the words Amazon, echo or Alexa. It provides news from various sources and music from the Amazon music account. Google is developing this device under the name “chirp”. The devices are made for home products category. Google is trying to make its presence felt more in home-based products. For this sake the company also purchased Nest.Nest manufactures home based automation products and sensors. The company was acquired and brought under alphabet in the year 2014.

Till now nest has not launched a single product after acquisition. The company has patent right cases accused against it by Honeywell for patent right infringement. Google has pressurized Nest team to bring out its products soon. The team has been building internet based security system “flimbstone” which is subject to several changes in its 3 years of development. The company is also developing a Bluetooth device called “keshi” which will work as a sensor to the security system.Nest has been suffering from several internal organization issues. There has been a rift between the CEO and its employees which has led to many quitting their jobs. However Google is trying hard to make its impact in home based internet products.

Amazon’s clone script Lazada raises several rounds of fund

Lazada started with the aim of being Amazon of South-East Asia in the year 2011.A privately owned e-commerced company head-quatered in Singapore.It was founded by Rocket the start-up incubator.It is currently operating in 6 countries, The Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.The company is utilizing the weak presence of Amazon in this part of the globe and online shopping has not penetrated to the level as it has in the west.This untapped market potential is what the company is betting on.The company has raised $647 million through funding and started operating as burn-cash-to-get-customers model.It’sbusiness model started by selling inventory to customers from its own warehouse.

From 2013 it allowed third-party inventory sales on its website and has 65% of sales through it.Despite its valuation the company is still a budding busimess with $59 millionThe company launched its mobile application in the year 2014 and has also staed that it has reduced looses in the year 2014 compared to 2013.The company faces local issues like preference towards brick and mortar shopping lack of credit cards and to arrange for services like cash-on-delivery.The company improvised in its delivery services, after several complaints, to a guaranteed 2-day service.The company is also facing threat from the completion of Amazon and Alibaba.Both the companies trying to expand into the Asian market.Amazon has already created its won market in India and Alibaba is well established in China.

300 heroes cloned script of League of Legends

300 heroes from Chinese gaming company Tiaoyue is yet another clone of League of Legends.But what makes it stand out among other clones in Chinese market is the native touch the game has.The heroes are all inspired from the Chinese historical characters some of them are Xuanzang (monk and a traveler from Tang Dynasty) Zhuge Liang (strategist from three kingdoms period).This gives insight into how localization of products is necessary for better reach of foreign audience, mere language  translation is not enough.Though this game has been an exact rip off of the original game league of legends(LOL) the creators of the game hope this would pull players from( Dfence of the Ancients) DOTA and its sequel and LOL.

The game play is very similar to that of LOL.From gamers perspective not many are happy from with this bit-by-bit clone of the game.Though some say that the reference to Naruto and chinese heroes seem appealing enough to jump to this game.The game has also Naruto vs One piece fight and some favourite characters like kakashi from Naruto.The game starts initially with 37 heroes and moving up in the game will unlock new heroes.The game is available on windows platform.A recent study in the gaming industry of china has revealed that gamers of china like games which integrate their ancient martial arts and with a touch of their culture.The major problem with such clone script games is not their success but their sustainability in the market, they rise and fall in no time.

Agaztak the cloned script of Airbnb in Egypt

Agaztak is the clone script of Airbnb in Egypt, a fact that the co-founder Hisham Refaat does not deny. Agaztal menaing “your vacation” in Arabic is property listing website in Egypt.The website allows owners to rent their properties on its website in Egypt’s tourist spots in North Coast. Travelers can choose from these listings which are available along with details such as photographs number of rooms, amenities, information about the location and rates.The founders of Agaztak believe in the huge potential of Egypt’s North coast as an attractive tourist spot. They believe that the tourism sector can generate revenue up to $3 billion and 3 million jobs annually. The company this opportunity is being under utilized.Since its inception Agaztak has served 400 rental nights and holds 2000 property Listings.The Company makes profit through the commission gained by providing the rentals with customers.

Though the founders have refused to disclose their earnings they agree that their running quite profitable.There are lots of start-ups building around travel and tourism in Egypt. However Reefat states that Agaztak has very little competition. The founder says this in regard with the added service they provide such as professional housekeeping, insurance call center check-in check out check-out etc.Currently, the company is trying to create more customer awareness and expand beyond local Egypt market. The political situation of Egypt may be turbulent this does not deter the spirit of Agaztak founders.Though Agaztak is a cloned script of Airbnb, they have the geographical advantage of being first in this market. The company is still in its nascent stage to tell wither it has re-created the success of Airbnb in regional level.